Services: Individuals

Professional and personal results


Executive Coaching

We will work together to discover what is holding you back from becoming a better leader, make great decisions and inspire your people. Short term and long term engagements.

Utilizing validated feedback instruments such as Voices®360, DISC and SDI, we will identify your greatest strengths, and areas of development opportunities. Utilizing a structured process, we will create your individualized action-oriented development plan to guide you towards boosting your leadership capabilities. One-on-one coaching sessions will support your work, providing you with a confidential trusted resource. 

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Personal Coaching

We often get stuck using the same communication, decision-making, and relationship strategies over and over again. When the environment shifts around us, we need to shift our approach to find effectiveness in our relationships and careers. As a confidential resource, I will be your mirror, listen, and help you find a way towards productivity.

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