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Assessments and Feedback Tools to Power Results 

I am trained and licensed to administer a variety of research validated diagnostic personality, career, and group feedback assessments. Scroll down to learn more. 



DISC behavioral analysis

We all want to know what kind of personality we have and more importantly how that impacts our relationships in the workplace, and at home. Using DISC behavioral analysis and profiling tools, I can help you understand how your personality and/or the personalities of your team, employees, or staff may affect your business or personal relationships. The clinically-validated DISC behavior assessment tools use a working knowledge of human behavior to assist employers make informed hiring decisions, increase sales, build strong teams, reduce turnover, and improve an organization’s overall productivity and performance.

The DISC behavioral analysis tools provide a simple and affordable way to:

  • Improve communication

  • Diagnose your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and future needs

  • Hire, train, and evaluate current and potential employees

  • Improve sales and customer service

  • Build strong and productive teams

  • Reduce office conflict

  • Create a strong talent management strategy

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Business & Organization

Korn Ferry 360

By offering a wide range of perspectives, 360 feedback provides your employees a more thorough understanding of not only their strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, but also their impact on others. 360 feedback can be a positive and powerful addition to your performance management system.

Develop your talent with better feedback.

Trained and experienced in best practices for implementing Korn Ferry’s 360, I will work with you to facilitate constructive and meaningful 360 feedback for all levels of your organization. I will work with you, your employee, or your team, providing you with valuable feedback and uncovering opportunities to grow and develop. Korn Ferry’s 360 is a web-enabled, research-based, and time-tested solution for delivering feedback. Korn Ferry’s 360 assessment is appropriate to use with one employee or an entire team. 

Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Using the suite of TotalSDI I will work with you and your team to discover the motives that drive behaviors, strengths, and strengths that are perhaps being over-used and causing conflict. TotalSDI is a valid and reliable web-enabled instrument. I will use this tool combination with dynamic group exercises to provide you with valuable insights to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce costs of conflict. TotalSDI may be used with one employee or an entire team to address relationships, communication, leadership opportunities, or minimize conflict.

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